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How Our Chiropractic Services and Massage Chairs Work in Tandem for Maximum Results

  • Prepares the Muscles and Attachments. Since massage therapy focuses on manipulating the soft tissues like muscles, tendons, and ligaments by improving circulation and blood flow that warms these soft tissues, causing them to loosen and relax. When your muscles are warm, you’re going to have more elasticity and function. Massage prior to a chiropractic adjustment prevents the likelihood of spasm post-adjustment because of elongation of the muscles that attach to the spine noted after a message.

  • Massage Extends the Benefit of Chiropractic Adjustments. Since there is a decrease in muscle tension, there an increase in flexibility and longer sustained benefits from the adjustment.

  • Positive Influence on Circulatory System. The circulation of the blood, lymph, and interstitial fluids are critical to the natural homeostasis throughout the body, as well as its ability to heal and regenerate. Improvement in circulation has a plethora of benefits involving all body systems.

  • General Sense of Wellness. Massage Therapy helps the body relax, decreases stress and reduces anxiety. Chiropractic treatment is aided when the body is relaxed and the patient is calm. Our massage chairs and chiropractic together can help to cleanse the body of impurities by breaking down built up toxins, which often has a calming effect on anxious and excessively stressed patients.

  • Recovery From Pain. Recovery, especially from conditions that cause pain, can be faster and more complete when multiple components of that pain are addressed simultaneously. Spinal alignment is key for diminishing back pain. The chiropractor will work to resolve the structural problems with massage working to resolve the soft tissue problems. Working together to get you back to a state of health, well-being, and pain-free as quickly as possible.


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